Cool Team Names For Dance Groups

I came up with the idea of making this list of the coolest dance group names I've seen around.

I looked around and found that there was a plethora of dance group names that had nothing to do with dance but other than a generic dance number it was impossible to find a more creative name.

Below is my (subjective) list of cool dance team names that are real. Hopefully these will will inspire you if you are looking to start your own dance group.

This was just a small selection of the best names. I'm sure there are tons more names you can think of and I'm really sorry I couldn't think of all of them. If you have some cool team name suggestions that don't exist on this list please feel free to post them.

Funky Dance Crew

Dance Group Chant

This group of dancers call themselves "The In Crowd". Why? They claim the name comes from a group of girls who wanted to form a team but decided to get everyone to join together. "That's not the kind of team name we want, so we got the whole crew" is a pretty funny line.

I've Got A Feeling

They're called this based on the Beatles song? Maybe?


The undead can dance better than anyone, didn't you know?

Kitten Power


A popular group of young people who often participate in competitions around Europe. I'm not sure exactly what they're doing in this photo but I'm sure the audience loved it.

Ballroom Addict

They must love ballroom dance. It's just simple and that's what they need.

You Bring The Sunshine

They dance for a short time and then change their dancing style. It must take a lot of energy to dance for that long.

Rouge Pop

They've decided to represent their school and their city in the choruses.

The first part is easy. One can simply google cool team names or one can look through several group list sites.

The second part is slightly harder. I have been pondering what the meaning of the name should be. The answer has been simple but so far no one has thought of it. What is the meaning of cool? Does anyone know?

What was the origin of the word? Do you have a better answer? What would you call a cool dance crew?

Blood Syndicate

girl, woman, joy of life

They are a brand new dance team in Orlando. Also, they are young, around the age of 18 and still in high school.

This dance team name comes from their leader, Ashleil Sequin .

She told me, "Blood Syndicate is a metaphor for our team being comprised of various individuals from all walks of life. Some just recently graduated from high school like myself, some have been around the world, some have been training for years.

We don't want to be judged by the amount of years in the dance world, but instead by our passion for the art.

I am inspired by the pain of training, and to be able to make it through the difficult times. I am an example for my team that anyone can reach their goals, no matter what their age. We show people with our passion."

The Blood Syndicate name is cool, especially the way they are positioning themselves with this "Thesaurus Of" theme. They might even grow into a gang of nomadic bloods with names like, "The Swamps Of Dracula" and "Wounded Knee."

While on the topic of odd ball dance team names, lets look at... The Hellgrammites

The Hellgrammites

I don't know about you, but the name of this new dance team came to me and had me laughing out loud.

I even asked the team if they had any suggestions for a new name. It was unanimous, this name was cool and unexpected.

They even have a website which has some cool information about the dance team, including the YouTube videos of them in action.

The Hellgrammites remind me a bit of the Pink Guy from the Pink Panther movies, but with dancers. Also, the Pink Guy only speaks in a British accent, so I'm kind of like, "so what?"

But the words "Hellgrammites" mean something, but I can't quite figure it out. I guess, if we look it up in the dictionary, it'll come back to us.

Malcones N' Nutes

The Malcones N' Nuts Dance team comes from south Florida, and it seems like a group of guys who really want to make some sort of a name for themselves.

The photo on their website really doesn't get me excited. They look a bit too unprofessional, with too many faces and not enough guys.

The Nuts dance team concept is much more understandable. With a guy and a gal dancing for us, it gives the dancers a more masculine and feminine personality. "That sounds a little more like how I see a couple."

So there's that.

Hopefully, these names from different dance groups will give you inspiration for your own dance group name!

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