How Can Art be Intellectual

Why are art and its existence important?

For people all over the world, art and culture are inseparable from their surroundings and influence people's thought and is thus a very important part of human development. It creates a bridge between them and develops an environment and style of life for the people and the country.

Art strengthens human interaction. It is a unique form of expression. It draws the people together and connects them through communication, story, fashion, taste, emotion, and its own methods of artistic creation.

It inspires, nurtures, and heals. It provides people with new ideas and a different view of things. Art also plays a key role in overcoming cultural barriers and prejudice, especially between nations.

Art offers freedom. There is a certain level of freedom that the artist can take with them to the people with the ideas. Through the development of the artist, art changes people's lives and plays a crucial role in influencing the society.

Moreover, in each of these qualities, art makes the space more comfortable, that is, it gives a sense of freedom for people.

Art's existence and history

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According to Michelangelo Buonarroti's Sistine Chapel Choir, "There is art, and there is life; and there is the mystery of God which is the art of living."

Art began when our ancestors realized that water is one of the most precious resources. So they started painting and sculpting with water. The first truly modern artists that followed Aristotle were the Greek philosophers.

Similarly, the modernists of Europe followed Aristotle's philosophy and started painting and sculpting with earth. The modernists were the followers of the eisteddfod – an event where students from across the country perform. The ancient Greek Greeks were the first artists to build an environment of art for the people and the country.

The spiritual meaning of art

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It is important to remember that art exists to fulfill the purpose of life and when it ceases to fulfil its purpose, it ceases to exist. Art is a bridge to mankind and society.

Since art is a great representative of a nation, it helps in creating a cohesive environment. The purpose of art is to convey the idea of happiness and peace. Therefore, art is needed in any society for this purpose.

The British poet, James Russell Lowell, said: "When the world is good, the poets are good; and when the world is bad, the poets are bad; and when the poets are good, the world is good." The great poets, the great thinkers, are one of the greatest gifts to mankind.

The aim of the people

Art is a great source of expression, which helps people understand and accept each other better. It leads them to believe in what they are doing, that is, expressing themselves and what they believe. Art helps people accept themselves and accept others.

For example, the poet Abraham Lincoln invented the first poetry contest in America, it helped the poor people in the south accept Lincoln, which gave them the opportunity to express themselves.

Similarly, the great artist Pablo Picasso said: "The essence of art is being able to give expression to the interior of the human spirit, the emotions, the thought processes, what a person is."

In other words, art has the power to tell the people about who they are, where they come from, and what they stand for. This will give the world a greater understanding of its own.

Every art project creates an opinion about society in some way

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I believe that art can be intellectual and so should be a subject of discussions. However, many do not want to have a discussion on art.

Many people think that art is not important and it does not deserve any space in the world. This is because a lot of people do not understand what art is and they don't know the importance of art. So, the most common thing people think about when they hear the word art is that it is useless.

However, there is an argument in favor of art. This argument is in the field of knowledge. There are lots of cases where there is a need to express something and art is the only way to do that. It is because art is the most perfect form of expression.

Art is the only expression that can express someone’s ideas. As an art medium, it can convey an idea that someone cannot express in other forms. What is more, art is not limited to one medium.

For example, painting can be done in any medium. It can be done in film, sculpture, or text. For example, if a person wants to convey a message about war, it can be conveyed in many different mediums.

There are many arguments against art

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Art is often considered as a hindrance to society because a lot of people are not educated enough to understand it.

They say that it is a waste of time and money to understand art and that art is useless. If this is true, then why are so many people spending money on art?

There are no issues with this. People spending money on anything they feel is important. The issue here is how a person can spend money to express what he or she wants to express.

There are people who buy art to express their thoughts about society in a new form. If this is right, it doesn't mean that it is wrong to express one's thoughts through art.


While many people fail to understand the value and essence of art, those who do see how important it is to be knowledgeable about it.

Art is not just a painting or a musical composition, for example. Art, by any means, is an expression of a person's skill, knowledge, and intellect.

To answer the question of how art can become intellectual, we can say that it takes a deeper understanding and depth before one can interpret art. Art allows us to interpret what the author has to say, but in a way, it allows us to think and look deep within ourselves to ask what it really means.

Art is a way for us to reach another part of ourselves that we have kept hidden.

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