How Many Years Is Required To Study Architecture In Philippines?

As we already mentioned, studying architecture is a very popular career choice for people around the world. It’s not too hard to see why — architects are paid pretty well, and there are plenty of opportunities to hone your craft.

However, before you can become an architect, you first have to study architectural design or architecture. Both degree programs take about two years to complete, but which one is right for you depends on what kind of education you want and how much time you have to devote to this profession.

The most common undergraduate degrees in architecture are either BArch (Bachelor of Architectural Design) or MArch (Master of Architectural Design). There are some countries that offer both, so make sure you check out the differences between them!

But no matter what degree program you choose, you will still need to take courses in mathematics, science, and humanities-related subjects. This article will discuss the best universities in the Philippines for each degree option, as well as some general tips such as how to pay for school here.

Decide on a location

how many years to study architecture in philippines

After graduating with your Bachelor’s degree, it is time to choose what kind of career you would like to pursue. Architectural design is one such field that can have many different routes for people to progress towards. Some people become architects while others go into related fields (like interior or furniture designing).

If you are already thinking about what city you would love to work in as an architect, then there is something more you should know! The best way to learn how to be an architecture professional is by studying in the country where professionals are working.

Finding out which cities offer the most opportunities for architectural education is a great starting place. You can check out our article here – Tips For Students In University Level Programs Who Wish To Work Abroad. This will help you determine which countries could potentially give you the chance to study abroad and also find employment upon graduation.

But before you pick any city, make sure to evaluate the quality of education both at the university level and the workplace level. Both play important roles in shaping your future career.

Apply to universities in the location you chose

how many years to study architecture in philippines

After deciding where to study architecture, your next step is to choose which university you want to apply to. This decision will depend on several things- how well each school matches with your schedule, what kind of degree they offer, and if you feel that this school is close enough to you to be able to come back home often.

It’s very common for students who are working during college to only pay tuition at schools that have scholarship programs or financial aid available. It’s worth looking into whether there are any scholarships or student loans that can help you finance your education.

A great way to make sure that you receive as much money as possible through funding sources is to maintain strong social media profiles. You should definitely put in effort to create yours!

Be sure to take some time to look up information about every school that you consider applying to so that you know as many details as possible about them. Also, do not hesitate to ask other people if they could give you advice on which schools would be best for you.

Enroll in an architecture program

how many years to study architecture in philippines

The next step is to determine which school or university you want to attend for your education as an architect. There are many schools that offer courses directly related to architectural design so it is not necessary to go through other degree programs first. Most universities have at least an associate’s degree in architecture, so make sure to do some research and find out if this is something that interests you!

Many students begin their journey into becoming architects by attending community college. This can be a good choice if you don’t know what direction you would like to take your career yet. By going straight from high school to college, you will have more time to focus on finding your passion and developing it before moving onto the next level.

Some employers prefer workers with only a bachelor’s degree, however most companies require at least a master’s degree. Both are great degrees so don’t let either limit you unless you really wanted to pursue each one. Finding out how much money having an advanced degree will cost you is important since most people cannot afford to spend large amounts of money on tuition without proof they will be able to pay back those loans.

There are several ways to learn about architecture. You can take online classes, visit buildings designed by architects, read books written by architects, and even lecture notes pre-recorded by an instructor. All of these resources can help you get a basic understanding of what professionals consider important when designing spaces.

Fund your degree

how many years to study architecture in philippines

The next step is deciding how many years you want to study architecture, which depends on what career paths you’d like to take. Most architects need at least an undergraduate degree so they can be licensed to practice, but some choose to have advanced degrees or Masters levels.

Architects with masters level qualifications are called master architects and professionals with them are called architect practitioners.

There are different routes into becoming an architect practitioner, depending on whether you already hold an academic qualification or not. Some courses offer both graduate certificates and professional diplomas, while others only give you one of each.

Some specialise in interior design, something that people usually call painting or decorating houses. Others focus on designing buildings, either for practical uses or as artistic expressions.

Whatever field you decide to work in, make sure you keep learning and developing to stay ahead of the game.

Stay for longer or shorter periods of time

how many years to study architecture in philippines

It is not hard to stay in architecture school for one year, but it will make your career much more difficult. You can choose to study part-time while working full time, or the other way around. Or you can even drop out at any stage and reenter later!

Most students are able to find work within their field after graduation, so don’t feel like you have to be in this situation forever. If you want to go into business for yourself, there are many ways to do that without having an advanced degree.

It is totally okay to leave education behind once you have invested in it. You should never feel obligated to keep going if you no longer want to.

Invest or not in property

how many years to study architecture in philippines

A lot of people begin looking into how to be an architect after receiving their bachelor’s degree in architecture. Some people even continue onto getting graduate degrees in it, but very few actually invest in themselves by taking advanced courses and becoming a professional.

There is just too much competition for positions as an architect nowadays. It doesn’t help that most employers look at your diploma as a certificate to show they have done their undergraduate degree.

So, how do you get ahead as a designer? By investing in yourself and learning more about design. Take some art classes, take some business classes, take some creative writing classes- anything that stimulates your creativity and self expression!

And don’t forget to keep up with current trends in the field. Reading architectural magazines and listening to music inspired by architects are great ways to stay informed.

Get a license

how many years to study architecture in philippines

After you have completed either your undergraduate or graduate degree, it is time to get licensed! Licensure for architects varies from country to country, but most require that you are at least twenty-one years old, have graduated with an accredited architecture program, and have passed some sort of licensure exam.

The Architect Registration Examination (ARE) has two parts: Part I and II. The ARE Part I test is multiple choice and can be taken anywhere within one year of registration. The ARE Part II test is designed like a real life project and requires three days to complete. Both tests are ninety minutes each, and there is a thirty minute break between each part. You must pass both parts of the examination to become licensed!

There are many ways to prepare for this exam, including taking practice exams online and in person. There is also a fee for testing locations so it is important to know how much funding you will receive and if it is refundable before going.

Practicing for the architect’s exam isn’t just limited to taking examinations, but also includes studying different aspects of the profession such as theory, ethics, and management. All practicing registered architects should join professional organizations to gain more knowledge.

Practice as a freelance architect

While most architecture students are trained for at least six years, being an active practicing professional takes much longer than that! This is due to two main reasons – copyright laws and having enough clients to pay your bills.

Most architects have a very long legal process when it comes to copyrighting their designs so they usually don’t publish them until well into their career.

This is why there are only few young professionals out there with really impressive portfolios of work. It also means that unless you are well connected or start publishing early on, people may not know who you are!

Fortunately things are changing though, technology makes creating beautiful works easy and free so this will hopefully change soon.

Architects also need to be able to market themselves which often times requires starting off by freelancing and then developing clientele through hard work and networking.

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