How To Design Architecture

Thinking about how to design or architect something is definitely not an easy process. It takes lots of different strategies, tools, and approaches to learn how to do it well. Luckily, you are already more than halfway through that process by now!

Having a general idea of what makes up architecture is the first step towards creating architectural designs. An understanding of this topic will make designing much simpler.

This article will go in depth into some fundamental components of architecture including their definitions, types, and examples. You will also get insights as to why these concepts matter when designing anything beyond just walls and roofs.

Conduct a needs analysis

The first step in designing an architectural space or developing a new interior design style is conducting a needs analysis. What do you want your spaces to accomplish? Who will use them? What mood should they convey? These are all important questions that must be considered.

It’s easy to get lost in the process when brainstorming ideas, but you need to keep things simple initially. You don’t want too much complexity at this stage as that can easily overwhelm people.

Once you have determined what your goals are, determine who will use the spaces and how frequently. This information helps inform the next steps in the process.

For example, if your goal is to create a calm environment, then you would look for calming colors and textures. If someone uses the space rarely, then maybe bright colors are more appropriate.

Create a design outline

how to architecture design

In order to create your own architecture designs, you first need to have an idea or concept of what you want to achieve. You can then make a design framework based on that concept, making sure to include all important elements such as the windows, doors, and other features.

After this, it is time to start designing! The next step is creating a design outline which includes defining shapes, colors, and styles. These are some very basic components to any architectural drawing.

Once these basics are completed, you can begin adding more complex parts such as roofs, towers, and staircases. All of these individual pieces must fit together correctly and be organized into different sections.

When designing for an apartment, one area of focus should be the bedroom or living room. This will give your audience the chance to envision themselves in the space. If possible, try to add in natural light so people can feel comfortable being within the space.

Get feedback

how to architecture design

As with any creative work, architecture design is not done in isolation. You will need to share your designs with others frequently! This can be tricky as most people are not necessarily trained in visual aesthetics or how to give good critique.

Fortunately, you have us! Hire an architect is one of the best ways to get some honest criticism. If you’re ever feeling lost or nervous about what to do next, ask for their advice! They may even be able to help you find someone else within your organization that can offer better input.

We would also recommend looking into online forums where architects hang out to chat. Many sites now have “architects” and/or “designers” groups where individuals can look for critiques and tips.

Given that most professionals spend hours creating aesthetically pleasing spaces, they almost always have something new or interesting to show off.

Update your website

how to architecture design

As we have mentioned before, after all of these steps, your site will still look very limited. You can not upload new pictures or videos, nor can you edit your text content. All of that is done through your web hosting company’s software.

To truly give yourself as an architect full potential, it is important to update your own online presence. You should definitely invest in some professional looking photos and video footage. Add shape studies, floor plans, and architectural drawings!

Don’t just take easy way out by using stock images and clip art, but instead try finding inspiration from real buildings, or even designing your own structure!

Your personal portfolio is one of the most powerful tools you have as an architect, so make sure to keep it up-to-date! Also, do not forget to link to your social media profiles (if you have them) and include a little about yourself.

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