R+ Investments: A Vision for Success

Alberto Rezende’s journey is a dynamic blend of unwavering determination, passion, and immense skill. As a former investment banker, Alberto is no stranger to the intricacies of finance. Coupled with a robust operational background in the sports industry, his signature style of business execution is strikingly effective.

Currently, he infuses his vision and knowledge into R+ Investments as its Founding Partner and CIO and into Golf v.2 as its Founding Partner. But Alberto's forte does not limit him to the boardroom. He is also an accomplished squash player, having won the NY Squash Men's Open League three years running. With an equal penchant for endurance events, Alberto consistently competes in half, full, and ultra marathons.

Beyond the sports and finance arenas, he embraces life's other adventures as a dedicated husband and father of two boys, car enthusiast, and proud resident of Brooklyn Heights. Grabbing headlines this October will be the blessing of his marriage, adding a personal touch to his high-paced life. Through his manifold ventures, Alberto Rezende illuminates R+ Investments as a beacon of success, meshing performance excellence with personal fulfillment in an extraordinary model of business acumen.

Banking tycoon to athletic engagement innovator at R+ Investments

Alberto Rezende’s journey is a remarkable tale of a trajectory from the hustle and bustle of the banking industry to the innovative ecosystem of athletic engagement and financial investments. A former investment banker, his strong operational background and unique mindset, framed by his passion for sports, paved the way for his ascent in an uncommon path.

At the heart of his present venture as the Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer of R+ Investments, Rezende has put his past experiences to maximum use. “Tapping into all my previous experience allowed me to better determine what the focus of R+ is,” he shared. These experiences extend back to his time working with private equity-backed companies, growing businesses, and liquidating operations – all of which have given him a grounded perspective on reading market trends fluidly and investing wisely.

But it's not all financial analysis and market strategies. Rezende's journey culminates in his ability to balance his fervor for sports and finance, crafting a unique vision for success that characterizes R+ Investments. His distinct trajectory remains a testament to how diversities in one's experiences can lead to innovative ventures, making Alberto Rezende a prominent figure in financial innovation and athletic engagement today.

Personal life and interests

While the upper echelons of the world of finance may seem like a world away for some, Alberto Rezende's down-to-earth interests make him relatable. A lover of cars and marathons, this former investment banker finds solace in endurance challenges that not only test the body but also the mind. Rezende is a role model for those who seek a balance between career and personal passions.

Stepping away from the starched shirts and ties, he dutifully exchanges roles to be a doting father to two boys and a proud parent to a Bernese mountain dog. His commitment to balancing work and family life paints a picture of a man who has successfully learned to juggle life's many responsibilities.

Beyond the busy corridors of R+ Investments and the hustle of the sports industry, Rezende in his quieter moments delves into his love for car collection, a testament of his admiration for speed and engineering marvels. This, he believes, aligns with R+ Investments' vision of embracing sustainability and pioneering technology. "R+ is extremely focused on new sustainable pioneering technology. A big portion of these investments are in EV's [Electric Vehicles] and Green/Hydrogen Fuel,” states Rezende. His personal preference of cars thus reflects a greater mission–- the transition towards a sustainable future.

Also an avid marathon runner, Alberto's passion for endurance sports – ranging from half, full to ultra marathons – mirrors his tenacity in his professional field, reflecting the endurance and determination needed in the intense world of investment and banking.

For six-plus years now, his abode has been Brooklyn Heights. A resident of Manhattan/NYC for over 14 years, Rezende seems to channel the diversity and vibrant energy of the city into his numerous ventures, resulting in a blend of commercial success and personal fulfillment.

Hence, Alberto Rezende, though a successful professional and fierce competitor on the squash court, is also just a man with a profound love for his family, his dogs, and his city – a testament to the fact that success in business does not preclude a rich and fulfilling personal life.

How passion fueled innovation at R+ Investments

Alberto Rezende has a knack for merging passion with profession, a trait detailed in his work as the Founding Partner of the sports-centric firm, Golf v.2. Armed with a strong operational background in the sports industry, Rezende has not only dripped his love for sports into his work portfolio but has also applied the strategic ethos inherent in sports to the complex world of investments.

An investment maverick, who formerly wore the hat of an investment banker, Rezende has skillfully incorporated his sports-oriented thinking into the business strategy framework of R+ Investments. As the firm's Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer, Rezende has elicited an unusual, yet highly successful parallel between sports and investments.

He states, "Approaching investments with the same mindset as sports has allowed me to continuously look for improvement and be focused on every detail, every step of the way." This approach, akin to the single-minded focus and stamina exhibited in sports, lays the foundation of R+ Investments' modus operandi. Each investment opportunity is considered a game to be won, and like in sports, the key ingredients are early spotting of opportunities, agility, and unrelenting pursuit.

Golf v.2, another venture co-founded by Rezende, is a testament to his love for sports and how intensely he interweaves it into his business ventures. It's not just about the love for the game; it's about the nuances that the game teaches – the ability to spot opportunities, strategize, and create winning shots. These, incidentally, are the same qualities that have made R+ Investments a name to reckon with.

Rezende's contribution to Golf v.2 goes beyond his founding role. His acute business acumen, coupled with his indisputable passion for sports, works as a driving force shaping the company's large-scale operational tactics and strategic alignment.

Ultimately, Alberto Rezende's story posits a seasoned player in two fields that may seem worlds apart but in reality, share the same fundamentals – strategy, patience, and the drive to win.

From squash court to boardroom

Alberto Rezende's drive to compete and excel doesn't stop at the world of finance; it extends into the sports arena as well. With a robust foundation in investment banking, Alberto has cultivated a reputation for success, both in the high-stakes business world and the fiercely competitive squash courts.

For Alberto, the squash court was not just a venue for engaging in physical activity, but a platform where strategic thinking, quick decision-making, and laser-type focus were honed. It was in this realm where he won the prestigious NY Squash Men's Open League for three successive years, squashing the competition with grace and dedication.

Yet, what makes Alberto's victory more significant is how he skillfully transferred this competitive edge in sports to his business endeavors. According to Alberto, this is where his winning streak truly shines as the Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer of R+ Investments."In the same way that I tackled each squash match, I approach each business challenge with a strategic mindset and relentless pursuit of victory," Alberto shares.

When asked how he maintains the equilibrium between his demanding career and personal life, Alberto credits his solid home team. “With the unwavering support of my wife, we have successfully built an incredibly robust home team, enabling us to actively pursue our respective career goals while maintaining an exceptional work-life balance.” While his career is undeniably a priority, it does not hinder him from being a true family man.

Alberto's feat in squash is a perfect metaphor for his business acumen. He enters each project or investment with the same fighting spirit and determination he shows on the squash court. As he moves forward in his business and personal life, Alberto Rezende is not just squashing the competition; he's setting new benchmarks for success.

A glimpse of Alberto's operational mindset

As an established investment banker, Alberto Rezende has built an impressive body of work that fosters trust and respect within and beyond the finance world. It was in this fast-paced, demanding environment that Alberto honed a distinctive operational mindset: navigating the complexities of raising capital, ensuring the successful growth of businesses, and closing deals with finesse. These skills have been instrumental in his effective management of R+ Investments, a testament to his proficiency in finance and strong sense of responsibility.

Alberto’s background in investment banking is reflected in the robust operation of R+ Investments. The former finance executive navigates the vast, volatile economic landscape with an unerring focus and a keen understanding of market intricacies. His track record in raising capital has been invaluable in securing resources vital to the expansion and operation of his current firm.

He delicately manages R+ investments with an astute eye for detail and an effective, hands-on approach, born from years of experience working with private equity-backed companies, growing operating businesses, and liquidating operations. This approach instills confidence in investors, employees, and partners.

Furthermore, the trust between Alberto and his close-knit investment circle is palpable. Tightening the circle, he noted, “All of R+ co-investments that were made were all done with friends and family. For the foreseeable future we intended to stay as private as possible.” It's clear Alberto operates with a closed-circle philosophy where trust, mutual understanding, and shared goals reign, an unconventional strategy that sets R+ Investments apart.

Tireless, focused, and astute, Alberto continues to set new industry benchmarks, demonstrating the power of the unique operational mindset he had developed early on in his career.

Master of strategic partnerships

Alberto Rezende's affiliation with the Board of Governors of New York Squash as a Sponsor and Partnership Liaison testifies to his adeptness in fostering significant relationships that drive mutual growth. His role required something more than just introducing prospective investors to the league; it was about understanding the ethos of both parties, bridging differences, and establishing long-term associations that add value to everyone involved.

Speaking of his approach to partnership building, Alberto notes, “…the role allowed me to explore the market and seek unique opportunities. We once invested in a company that was not actively seeking funds, but our diligent efforts to understand their needs and align with their vision got us accepted as a shareholder.” This statement reflects Alberto's approach at R+ Investments as well, where he persistently works to identify avenues of mutual success and growth for the firm and its investment partners.

His knack for recognizing untapped potential, combined with his steadfast commitment to helping businesses reach their full capacity, underpins his current role as the Founding Partner and CIO at R+ Investments. It might not be the norm to invest in companies not actively seeking investment, but Alberto's vision isn't confined to conventional opportunities. Instead, his strategic and operational prowess enables him to venture beyond the common sphere, identify off-market opportunities, and eventually convert them into successful deals.

Alberto's unique approach to investment and partnership is a latent asset for R+ Investments. It is his vision that gives the firm an edge over competitors, enabling it to grow its portfolio by establishing rewarding relationships with businesses that might not be on the radar of other investors, thus greatly maximizing returns. His wisdom in nurturing such relationships ensures that R+ Investments remains an attractive prospect for partners, promising more than just capital injection – a long-term liaison built on shared growth and mutual success.

Alberto's vision for R+ Investments

Alberto Rezende deftly navigates the crossroads of precision, performance, and success with an elegant finesse. Having honed his skills as an investment banker and translated his operational expertise into the sports industry, notably as the Founding Partner of Golf v.2 and Chief Financial Officer at NW Promotions, Nicol Squash, Alberto deftly applies a unique approach to the world of financial investment. This approach is rooted, interestingly enough, in his background as a sportsman, winner of the NY Squish Men's Open League for three consecutive years, runner of half, full, and ultramarathons.

In Alberto's words, “The mindset developed in sports training allows athletes to have a better structured train of thought that will definitely transfer into business.” This quote does not merely serve as a personal mantra, but also as an embodiment of the core tenets on which R+ Investments has been conceived and built: discipline, endurance, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Alberto's roadmap for R+ Investments is characterized by the acknowledgment of the valuable role sports mindset plays in nurturing accomplished investment bankers. He believes that the tailored concentration and commitment that are fundamental to excelling in sports are equally instrumental in overseeing the complex realm of private equity.

His plan endeavors to instill a performance-focused culture within the firm, encouraging teams to operate seamlessly with a clear mandate: turning challenges into opportunities and synergistically working towards collectively charted goals. Through this approach, the company aims to remain ahead of the curve, showcasing consistent growth, solidifying their reputation in the sector, and fostering rewarding partnerships.

Balancing family life and investment ambitions

With Albero Rezende's achievements in the world of sports, to his successful venture in investment banking, and now, R+ Investments, it would be an understatement to say he lives a life filled with passion and purpose. But come October, Alberto is about to embark on another adventure that will undoubtedly be one of his most memorable – blessing his marriage.

“When I think about the future, personally I would love to continue to grow our family,” Alberto shares, the warmth in his voice palpable in every word. This dedicated father of two boys, not to mention an adorable Bernese mountain dog, is looking forward to welcoming the many precious moments that come with family life.

As for his professional pursuits, Alberto is just as passionate, if not more so. With a vision set to steady growth for his company, R+ Investments, it seems that his professional future is geared toward creating a strong, steady presence in the world of investment. “For R+, a similar steady growth would be something remarkable.” he stated.

Alberto isn't just about lofty visions though. His track record proves that he's a man of action, with notable roles such as being a Former Investment Banker, a Founding Partner to Golf v.2 and Golf V2, and having a strong operational background in the sports industry, he's clearly a man who understands the importance of execution just as much as planning.

Of course, behind these notable endeavors lies a love for adventure and thrilling challenges. Truly, Alberto is no stranger to running the race – literally. From competing in half, full, and ultramarathons to winning the NY Squash Men's Open League for three consecutive years.

So, if you should find him enjoying the crisp, autumn air in Brooklyn Heights, where he has resided for over six years, don't be surprised. It's proof that Alberto Rezende is a man who keeps running, keeps striving, and keeps dreaming – both in his personal and professional life. But this fall, instead of gearing up for another marathon, he'll be preparing to walk down the aisle, embarking on another life adventure filled with love, family, and admirable dedication.

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