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Great Dance Songs Of The 90s!

This article will discuss great dance songs of the 90s. The 90s was a very interesting time to be alive as we were quickly heading into an era of globalization and liberalisation.

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90s music in the U.K.

Dance music, from house to drum and bass, was big. Dizzee Rascal's Time was bigger than any song in the 80s, and Michael Jackson's Off The Wall even rivalled this massive first-wave track.

Dizzee went on to do big things, but didn't make it back here in this article. What's our criteria?

It had to be the biggest record of the year in the UK singles chart. There's always a huge crowd for any record which lands at Number 1, but that only matters if it's the best record of the year. It's a definitive dance track. It had to be on the radio, or MTV. And it had to be a single, rather than a B-side or a 12".

Next Gen Dance Track Of The 90s

Crazy People by All Saints

The two Best Female tracks from the 90s should be shortlisted and we can take our time with the Top 50. But the Top 100 is where we have to compromise.

Once you've had the summer of 1995 to think about, it's hard to imagine anyone else topping Crazy People by the girls from Stockport. The twin lead vocals of Melanie Blatt and Nicole Appleton at their peak are enough to make anyone's head turn.

So many things happened, so many new things we got to experience first hand; it's hard to think of another decade as special as the 90s.

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90s in India and Pakistan

It was a time when India and Pakistan went through both the peaks and valleys of civilisation. It was a period when India's biggest star in the music industry, Lata Mangeshkar released Tum Dara Dara (1989) while it was still okay to be 'Vishwa Hindu Parishad wala' in India.

It was a time when AR Rahman changed the face of music forever with the insane innovation he displayed with many of his songs. It was a time when slasher flicks became a rage.

It was a time when guitars became popular, yes it was in the 90s and many of them were duds, but still..

It was a time when dance clubs started in the 80s and then brought to us the amazing Disco Inferno Party in the 90s, when people actually danced to the EDM beats they were listening to at the time.

It was a time when Arijit Singh, and Shankar Mahadevan became the next big thing in Hindi songs, and then became a big hit with everyone who heard their soothing voices on their respective songs.

It was a time when Bollywood went through several 'divorces' and so did a lot of relationships, it was a time when relationships were established and broken.

It was a time when Tabu was a sexy and a good looking girl, and then a lot of women did look like her, and now even she looks the same way, and even worse!

It was a time when Aishwarya Rai was all over the place, and now even that's done, but I'm sure she's still a fine looking woman.

It was a time when Karan Johar was all over the place, and now even that's done, but I'm sure he's still a fine looking man.

It was a time when Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan had been friends for ages, and then they started becoming rivals! I can't believe it's been that long! It was a time when pop stars like Euphoria and A.R. Rahman existed in our lives.

It was a time when 'Koffee with Karan' was just about to be on our minds, and now there are multiple versions of it, and we are still addicted to it!

It was a time when Naina and Sonu met and fell in love, and then they got married, and now a lot of their songs come to our mind while we are with our loved ones.

It was a time when we saw our favourite Bollywood stars going through a lot of drama in their personal life, and that was our first introduction to the whole "Jodha Akbar" thing, and it's still going strong!

It was a time when Seagulls became our favourite band, and then it was really cool that our favourite bands became our favourite bands because of them!

It was a time when Coke became India's favorite soft drink, and all those weird names made it even more cool!

It was a time when the '90s took India by storm, and even after the turn of the century, it's still our favourite decade.

It's very hard to say which decade had a more defining influence on our lives, but it's definitely the 1990s. We must thank them for all that they have given us, and all the happiness they have brought to the hearts of millions of people.

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